Hello Friend, We are Angela and Eddy. We are friends, partners, photographers ,a team, a married couple who started this journey about 8 years ago. We have two beautiful children that drive us crazy but mean the world to us. Yes! LUDWIGRAPHY that's us. We have many people asking us about our brand name and I know it sounds a little different and it might be a little difficult to pronounce at first, but it gets easier by saying a few times.

How did we come up with such a catchy name? Well let me tell you a little story and I promise to it'll be short. About 10 Years ago Eddy and I were just friends and he has always been passionate about photography. I fell in love with him and his passion for photography that we bought our first DSLR camera together. Our First camera was previously owned and the person selling it had the camera in a small pelican case. The case had a sticker with the photo of Ludwig Van Beethoven. ( we're almost there I promise) We are no musicians, but we definitely enjoy music. 

At this moment you might have already figured it out and yes thats exactly what we did. We incorporated both of those names together. Ludwig and Photography. We still own that case it always reminds us of where we started and how we build our brand. I love the interest people have in our story and I'm glad I get to share it with you. 





777 Nameless Ave
New York, NY 00000


+1 555 555 5782